Craft Brewed Media Team

The Craft Brewed Media management team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and marketing experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. Our talented team is dedicated to helping businesses grow online and watching that growth continue offline. We are determined to be your trusted video marketing partner by providing unique video options to promote your products and services. We look forward to bringing our creativity to your business.
Craft Brewed Media

Cory Colvin

Owner/Sales & Marketing

  • Valuable in-depth inbound marketing knowledge and skills; exceptional project management skills; early adopter of new marketing-related products and technologies. I specialize in both inbound and outbound marketing and have worked with the various channels of the digital marketing life cycle.

  • Currently responsible for all marketing aspects of the business including website, social media, print advertising, as well as video layout and production.

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Ronnie Miller

Managing Partner/Video Guru

  • Time Lapse Photography – Mastered the art that is time lapse. It’s all about multiple camera angles and positions. Just give us something interesting to point our cameras at and we’ll do the rest.

  • Videographer - Four years of college and 10 years of professional experience. I trained at the Travel Channel Academy to bring out the best in anyone. It's all about sound, framing, and a healthy shot list. Make something interesting or not at all. I've shot all over the world.

  • Video Editor - Trained in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere I've cut thousands of hours worth of footage to bring the best of the best to the screen.

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Craft Brewed Media
Craft Brewed Media

Katie Ross

Graphic Design/Marketing

  • Dedicated to Digital Marketing and Graphic Design focusing on ways to improve businesses through modern tactics and strategies. Specializes in bold, contemporary design and social media marketing. Expert in the Adobe Creative Suite -- InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

  • Strengths in a diverse range of markets such as the needs of small businesses and enterprises, as well as families and individuals. Plugged-in to design trends as they apply to those unique customer bases.

Contact: Katie Ross